The Story Of  
 all coming together to:
 Save The Drill

Neftali  after researching the baboon "Drill leucophaeus", found out they were  the #1 endangered primate in Africa. Neftali feels he has spiritually connected with the Drills and their Plight.
He reached out and found a hand full of people that feel the same way he does about helping the Drill.
Together they are trying to keep the Drills from going extinct.
 Although they have never met in person yet,  Liza, Peter, and Neftali have had an understanding and bond for years. Neftali has made a commitment to Pandrillus to spread the knowledge of the Drills plinth as well as raise funds for the Foundation. Neftali is quoted as saying" It's really frustrating
Neftali met Gail Hearn Ph.D. who flew out to see Neftali perform in Amsterdam in 1999 at the "Drum Rhythm Festival. Gail heads up the Bioko project, Bioko being one of the only places Drills are still spotted in the wild.

Neftali meet Rolland Wolf curator for the Drills at Hannover Zoo in Germany. The two  had a very good talk about the survival Drills and helping Liza, and Peters Drills. Rolland  follows Liza in successfully breeding drills in captivity with eighteen Drills at the Hannover Zoo.
Cathleen Cox Ph.D.,  was the first biologist Neftali made contact with. Cathleen is head of animal research at the LA Zoo and also teaches a course at UCLA. Cathleen  is also a member of  S.S.P. and A.Z.A).
Cathleen  has been consistent in educating Neftali about Drills. She's given him information about drill behavior and observation as well as news about Drills and Mandrills all over the world. Cathleen is also a stud book keeper of  Drills and Mandrills.

Cathleen Cox,  Funkadrill   Manuel A. Mollinedo, LA Zoo Director.

After compiling all Neftali had learned from all his new found friends, he  envisioned the birth of "Funkadrill",  (Drill King of Rhythm).
Funkadrill  vows to ware the mask of the Drill in remembrance of a slaughtered species and the hope of  their return back into the wild.
"Save The Drill" project has been four years in the making. It will consist of a 12 song CD with 50% of all proceeds going to Pandrillus and the Bioko Project.
The CD will feature the Drills vocalizing in rhythm and for the first time in history becoming co-writers of a musical composition.
This was accomplished by Neftali sampling their vocalizations and playing them on a keyboard in rhythm and then submitting a joint copyright for the song in his name as well as well as the Pandrillus Drills.
This idea was conceived after talking to Liza Gadsby and Peter Jenkins from "Pandrillus" ranch.
Although  Gary Shider and Cordell Boogie are still and always will  be an active members of P-Funk, they have found the time to come on board and help out with music for "Save The Drills" CD.
Neftali's new name, "Funkadrill" comes after reuniting with  Boogie and Gary. Neftali came-up with the name after a recording session.  
The session was the first time members from the two bands recorded together. The name is a blend between the two bands names. Funka from Funkadelic and the drill from Mandrill.
Funkadrill:" All that funkin plus a great project too, it was my destiny to change my name".
Funkadrill has had an ongoing relationship with most of the members of P-Funk over the years as specially Boogie. Funkadrill talked to Bernie Worrell, (the music Wizard behind P-Funk) recently about putting some of his magic on the first Planet People CD and Bernie said he would love to do it so, look out, the boys about to unleash a Funkin Bomb!!! The benefit  single is called "Drill Gonna Make Funky" and "Dance The Drill"