Movie Composing

Neftali started composing for film in the 1990. Mostly cable release films are shown constantly all over the world.

Neftali is grateful to have touched on that side of his creativity and plans on doing more in the upcoming years. Leading his film efforts are:

The Warriors
LA Crackdown part one and two
East L.A. Warriors
Fire Power
Ring Of Fire
Private Wars
Two Be The Best
Direct Hit

Direct Hit 1994:
Neftali:Scoring Direct Hit was a bit difficult for me. I was given ten days to score sixty minutes of music for the film.

A messenger whould literally stand around and wait for the next reel of scored film. The picture went into overtime shooting so what happens when they go over is the film composer gets his time with the film cut short to meet the companies deadline.

Talk about pressure it was definitely on! I didn't want to crank-out a generic sound track like all the other C movie composers but I know now why they do it.

I was on pins and needles the hole time trying to fight the generic approach. I can laugh about it know but then WOW!

Well I finished the score and waited for the virdict on my first completed film. I was getting all the indications that the score was not liked by the production staff.

 It was in the film  screening by the directors and producers that gave Neftali the verdict.  It was a thumbs-up. " We love the sound track".

Direct Hit to this day is seen in most parts of the world on cable stations.