Artist Jason Lamone hide in his art work  names of people Neftali wanted included in his drawing of Street.

1 thru 85

85  Original 70s Style Funky  Beats.

I used five different drum kits and ten snare drums to make-up this set of loops. The beats and music I created on Street came from my heart. Sample CD distributing companies have no experience in marketing an artist. Most Cds they sell are made for buyers to grab a snare or kick from thousands of choices.

My Cd was created for song writers to have a rhythm base groove  to create a songs from. My loops open the writers creativity helping to inspire his or hers songs to go in a more innovative place as if I were there writing with them.

Music Samples:
Neftali called on Cordell Boogie from P-Funk to help launch Street. Boogie and Neftali got together and jammed on  five samples used on Street. The samples are listed under program number 86 on the CD.

Summer Of 70
Mr. Black
Carbonated Funk
B. Funk (w/2 variations)
Leaping No No
Fat Rat
Take It To Bridge
Summit 1
Animal Jam
 Animal Jam

Above shows copy number 456.
Big Fish Audio distributed  Street in 1995. Neftali felt his wishes were being disrespected so he took  two of his nephews over to Big Fish and retrieved the last 300 copies of Street.
Program #87

Myself and Lucy Sustar went inside a stone castle to record 15 natural ambient loops.
I felt a power coming from the ambiance of the different rooms. One room had a stage.
Castle Recordings were recorded very raw.

To The Curb
Florence And Normandie
125th Street
Long Beach
Sly Thing
South Central
The Metro
Can't Stand it
Cellar Tom
Cellar Snare
Cellar Kick
Cellar Hat
Funk To Go:
Program #88

16 Funky slices of street drums including all the slaps variations, talk box, rhythm guitars, ect.

Ghetto Plastic is a 5 gallon plastic bucket played with hands and mallet and all the variations of slap.

Da Box
Eddie Guitar
Boogie Riff
Big Foot Stomp
Ghetto Plastic:
High Slap
Medium Slap
Low Slap
Mallet Hit
Muted Rim
Muted Mallet
Bass Tone
Open Slap

Street Sounds:
Program #89

All types of street sounds:
Getting of f bus, kids playing, 911, police radio, ect.

Police Dispatch (Live Band)
Police Dispatcher
Code 4
Dialing Phone
Phone Off The Hook W/voice
Off The Hook Sound
Kids Playing
Black Top B. Ball Game
Walking Through Arcade
Bus Stop Coming
Bus Stop Picking Up Passengers
Car Alarm
Car Horn
Distant Police Helicopter
Men At Work
Wet Road
Flowing Traffic
Traffic W/ Harley
Light Traffic
Door Slam
Lighting Up

Only 1000 copies of Street were printed, no others will follow

This Limited Edition gives Neftali's Street a Collectors value

Only CDs sold with certificates carry official collectors value