We Are One

We are One (1978) album introduced Wi
This album introduced Wilfredo Wilson on bass and Joaquin Jessup on guitar.
Mandrill was one of the first groups to sign with Clive Davis who had newly formed his company, Arista records. Singles include:

Can You Get It co-written by all the band members, and Funky Monkey.

Neftali was unimpressed by Jeff Lane as the chosen producer. His recording style if that's what you want to call it hurt the sound of the band by overdubbing an additional kick and snare. Lane felt the sound would be bigger but what it did was phase-out making Neftali's drums sound smaller. Neftali got in a heated argument with Jeff and walked out of the studio.

The band hired Bob Kato to do the cover. The idea was to create a "carnival" type cover. The problem was in the design. Bob put a back pack type brace on the inside of each costume. They were very top heavy and we could hardly keep them up. We had planes to ware them on stage. We had an anvil case made for them and every thing but the truth is there was no way we ware those things on stage.

Neftali said he was so embarrassed to be seen on the cover in the that get-up the band decided to put Mandrill faces on each of us at the last minute.