Just Outside Of Town
Just Of Town (1974)

Song list
Record Company
Alfred V. Brown
Don Anderson
Mango Meat
Never Die
Love Song
Fat City Strut
Two Sisters Of Mystery
Afrikus Retrospectus
She Ain't Lookin' Too Tough
Aspiration Flame
Wilson Brothers
Wilson Brothers

Claude Coffee Cave
Neftali Santiago
Wilson Brothers
Fudgie Kae
Omar mesa
Mandrill Music ASCAP

Neftali Music

Recorded At
Member Lineup
David Palmer
Electric Lady Land
The Hit Factory
Sound City
Sound Ideas
Carlos Wilson: R. Guitar,Timboles, Lead Vocals, Group Vocals,Trombone
Lou Wilson: Congas, Trumpet, Lead Vocals, group Vocals
Ric Wilson: Tenor Sax, Group Vocal,
Claude C. Cave: Clave.,B-3 Organ, Vibes, Arp-2600, Piano,Lead Vocal, Group Vocals
Omar Mesa: Acustic Guitars,
Fudgie Kea: Bass, Lead Vocal, Group Vocal
Neftali Santiago: Drums, Lead Vocal, Group Vocals

Written by Neftali
Mango Meat
Love Song
Two Sisters Of Mystery
Never Die

This LP marked the beginning of Neftali's song writing career. Two Sisters was written about Neftali's two real-life sisters Norge and Peggy who for some strange reason were unable to have children. They both made several attempts with the babies only living for several days.
Never Die was written about Neftali's high school sweetheart Marcelina Crespo.
Just Outside Of Town allowed Mandrill to headlined their first Funk        Festival in the summer of 1974, performing in stadiums across the USA with Funkadelic, Earth, Wind & Fire, Ohio Players, Cool In The Gang, War, Steve Wonder, Sly, Jackson 5, Buddy Miles, Rare Earth, Osibisa, etc.
Mandrill would headline Bill Washington's "Duff" festival. It was at R.F.K. stadium in Washington, DC. Mandrill would sell more tickets than the Rolling Stones that yea.

Public Enemy sampled "Two Sisters of Mystery" on their
"By The Time I Get To Arizona".

The song created a lot of media attention.
Chuck-D displayed a very brilliant song that dwelt with Martin Luther Kings' Birthday not being celebrated in the state of Arizona.
That video the first two weeks of release was more than I have seen in a long time. The controversy of the video's content was seen just about every 15 minutes on MTV and "Nightline," The Disney Channel", it was huge!

Some of American society was outright offended by the thought of a Governor being assassinated in Arizona for not allowing the doctor's day a holiday their.

Media once again played a very important part in bringing attention to the situation. Chuck-D knew just how to handle the press.

The song did bring awareness the situation in Arizona. Arizona could not hold up to so much attention being put on the holiday they finally past the decree.

This song went on to become a "RIAA platinum" seller and a media field day.

A Native American Indian in Canada gave the necklace Neftali has on above to him. Neftali and Mandrill manager Beau Ray where at a night club and decided to go back to the hotel. While leaving the club they ran into a four or five white men beating-up an Indian. Both Neftali and beau jumped in to help the Indian.
The next night at the concert, the man showed up with his family and as a way of thanking Neftali he gave him that beautiful bone necklace and said if you did not help me, they could have killed me.
      Neftali and Beau Ray both hugged him and they all cried together.

Recording Just Outside Of Town:
Mandrill was on the road touring and realized they had to return to the studio to record their fourth lp. The band was in LA when shooting the cover for Just Outside Of Town. The town in the background is early Century City. It was a strange time for the band. Omar Mesa had let the group know he was leaving due to spiritual reasons. He didn't want to go on tour for Composite Truth which would have left the band without a lead guitar player. Omar agreed to tour if the band let him contribute a song for the oncoming lp. Omar refused to perform on Just Outside Of Town. Although his picture is on the cover he only performed on his song "Aspiration Flame". Neftali recalls begging Omar to play on "Two Sisters Of Mystery". Omar asked for the lyrics and Neftali told him all about his sisters but Omar still said no. Fudgie had a friend named Billy Baucco who came to Electric Ladyland to put down two guitar parts. This lp was recorded at the Lady as well as "The Hit Factory", "Sound City" LA, and "Sound Ideas" in NY While in LA Neftali was asked to contribute a second song to the lp, "Never Die. He wasn't ready as a vocalist to record but the nature of the song and the "Pop" texture to his voice was appealing to the band. Neftali wrote the about his his High School girl friend Marcelena Crespo. The band was run like a democracy giving everyone one song on the lp plus a group song. The band did not have a group song and asked Neftali to donate Never Die to the band. Neftali wasn't happy about it but he said being young and inexperienced caused him to make allot of bad decisions. Also while in LA the band was introduced to an artist who made all the silver jewelry with spoons and such you see the guys warring. When Neftali saw her twin babies his creative mind started turning. He said to himself I'm a Gemini and the twin babies would make a great picture. When the lp came out everyone thought the babies where his and missed the hole Gemini thing. Despite the problems the band was faced with the lp was a success.