Composite Truth
Composite Truth (1973)

Song list
Record Company
Alfred V. Brown
Joel Brodsky
Hang Loose
Dont Mess With People
Polk Street
Golden Stone
Out With The Boys
Moroccan Nights
Claude Coffee Cave
Wilson Brothers
Wilson Brothers
Wilson Brothers
Wilson Brothers
Omar Mesa
Fudgie Kae
Wilson Brothers
Mandrill Music ASCAP

Recorded At
Member Lineup
David Palmer
Electric Lady Land
Carlos Wilson: R. Guitar,Timboles, Lead Vocals, Steel Drums, Alto Sax, Trombone
Lou Wilson: Congas, Trumpet, Lead Vocals
Ric Wilson: Tenor Sax, Group Vocal
Claude C. Cave: Clave.,B-3 Organ, Vibes, Arp-2600, Piano, Group Vocals
Omar Mesa: Lead Guitar, Lead Vocal
Fudgie Kea: Bass, Lead Vocal, Group Vocal
Neftali Santiago: Drums

This lp marked Neftali's first Mandrill Lp. Composite Truth went on to be Mandrill's Biggest seller with hits like: Fencewalk, Hang Loose, Polk Street. This string of hits put Mandrill in the Headlining spotlight, touring with everyone from Deep Purple and Savoy Brown to James Brown and the Jackson 5 to Duke Ellington and the Symphony of the New World Orchestra.

Grand Master Flash lead the "Fencewalk" groove sampling craze followed by, Public Enemy "In Fear Of A Black Planet" lp and then by Ice Cube "Jimmy Hat Condum" from "Death Certificate".

Recording "Composite Truth :
The day I got off the bus from Willingboro New Jersey to New York City. That day I was to step foot in a recording studio for the first time and record with Mandrill. It was at my dream studio "Electric Lady Land". I walked up being watched on a camera. I pressed this button and a voice let me in a fantasy that I never wanted to end. The space drawings telling a story blew me away! I past by this room and felt a serious vibe. It was Eddie Kramer's tape room with Jimi's name on 2" masters. The feeling was intense. I felt Jimi's vibe all over the place. We recorded in studio A with Dave Palmer. My first song to record was "Polk Street". I never really heard much calypso let alone play a calypso beat when their I was struggling to find the pocket. I had to play the hi hat part with my left hand and play the tom part with my right hand, coming down on the one with my kick. Let me tell you it was not easy. Lou Wilson patiently spoon-fed me the essence of the rhythm. I locked in and had a great ride. I can listen to Polk Street repeatedly and go right to that day. I have been blessed to be apart of the Mandrill experience.

The knowledge of rhythm and syncopation I have learned over the years from Lou and Carlos Wilson has become invaluable. Much props go out to Carlos and Lou the song writing force of the Wilson brothers.

Footnote: Mandrill auditioned many other drummers and it came down to Dennis Davis and Neftali. Neftali got the gig with Mandrill and Dennis got the David Bowie gig.

Blues & Soul took this shot the first day Neftali recorded with Mandrill at the end of 1972.