Gail W. Hearn

Gail Hearn is working hard to change laws regarding endangerment on Bioko Island.  Read all about her by clicking on her picture.

Based on our most recent projections, and drawing on our eleven years of experience on the island, we at BBPP are anticipating the extinctions of several species of large forest mammals on Bioko Island within the next three to five years.

We have posted a full report entitled "Approaching Extinction of Monkeys and Duikers on Bioko Island" on the main page of our web site
( in the hopes that news of these alarming projections will reach those in a position to make a difference. Although many of the report's findings have already been submitted for publication, we find the situation so urgent that we could not wait for traditional avenues of dissemination. The drill, red colobus and Preuss's guenon -- all in decline for more than a decade due to hunting for the bushmeat market -- will be the first species to disappear, according to our calculations.
Here is a direct link to the report (in PDF format):


Gail Hearn

 First picture taken of a drill in the  wild Shot  January 2000 on Bioko Island