Legend Of The Drill King Funkadrill Lost Treasures


This is a gathering of Funk collected over the years by Santiago Productions. Music features members from Mandrill, P-Funk, The Black Birds, Radio, The Santiago Band, Neftali's Beast, and Jethro Tull. Some master recordings where just recently found after 25 years. The tracks where transfed, mixed, and edited. Other songs are taken from "The Trial Of The Seven Notes" sound track.

Lost Treasures of Funkadrill
dedicated to the Pandrillus Foundation

1. Two Sisters Revisited
N. Santiago
2. Carbonated Funk
N. Santiago
3. Drill Gonna Make Funky
N. Santiago, G. Shider, C. Mosson, J. Black
4. Funkafide Stank
N. Santiago, (produced by N. Santiago/J. Byrne)
5. No No/Drill Remix
N.Santiago, (produced by N.Santiago/J. Byrne, remix by Funkadrill)
6. Been Touched By A Mandrill
7. Dance Of The Twin Drills
N. Santiago, The Drills Of Pandrillus
8. Funk Of Another Kind
N. Santiago, (produced by N.Santiago/J. Byrne)
9. Sounds of song
N. Santiago, (produced by N. Santiago/J. Byrne, remix by Funkadrill)
10. Funk Of Osomba
N. Santiago, The Drills Of Pandrillus
11. Migration of A Species
N. Santiago, Marc Rey
12. Save Mandrillus
N. Santiago, Marc Rey

Cathleen R. Cox, Ph.D.                                                                 Cathleen Cox,  Funkadrill,      Manuel A. Mollinedo, LA Zoo Director.

Baboon SSP, Vice-Chair/Drills & Mandrills
Director of Research
Los Angeles Zoo
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Legend Of The "Drill King"
"Trial Of The Seven Notes"
(book #1)

A fantasy tale about Neftali who realizes he is turning into a Drill Baboon. He follows his calling to return to Africa to save the Drills from extinction before he is fully transformed. He meets some very interesting United Nation's best of the best and they form
"Planet People Movement".

Multi Media CD ROM interactive music

Drill King Planet People Movement   Jason Lamone/ Santiago Productions ©1995 all rights reserved