Greetings fellow Earthlings,
My is Neftali. When I was twelve years old I had a dream of a musical army like the United Nations.
I saw artists of all kinds serving under a united flag. They developed the gift's that God gave them and used those gifts to help the people and animals in need all over the globe.
Planet People Movement was conceived from that dream. After many years of consideration I told myself who am I to try and change the world I'm only one person. Still the desire to serve the Planet and organize a movement has become my quest. I try to act like my calling doesn't exist sometimes but it always comes back when I see or here of injustice.
I truly believe I'm not alone in believing a united movement of talent can change the Planet. I'd like to here from any and all who have had their own callings.
we should network and unite coming together as a people to help bring about the changes we all talk about and know has to happen to reintroduce a balance on Planet Earth.
A need for the creative arts to take their rightful place in the world as leaders of the people.
Talented people birthing the movement in their country and towns.
All of us linking together over the web organizing concerts and productions raising money  and awareness for worthy global causes.

I believe  to be a member of such a movement you must first have to be given a calling and a great desire to serve in Planet People. This need  must be in response to your calling not mine.
We are on our own so you must come humble and truthful willing to do what ever morally it takes to make  things happen.

1.) Our goal would be to unite forming Tribe#1. It should consist of the most talented musicians, singers, dancers, artists, directors, crew people, cooks, set builders, camera crew, seamstresses, wardrobe people, sound crew, lighting crew,  and all the people needed to produce a musical production.
The first Tribe would travel around the world gaining members as the movement tours preparing for Tribe #2.

2.) The movement should provide the funding necessary to saport all members and their families providing  food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and health care for all serving.

3.) The movement should donate 50% of all royalties and funds generated from merchandise, CD sales, and live performances.
The other 50% should all go towards saporting the teams and their families all always sharing equally no one person receiving more than anyone else.
4.)The movement  would need to organize an honest bookkeeping staff that can provide accountable service.
Bookkeeping must have open books for all members to see. All members would vote on recipients of royalty awards.
Financial statements would  be issued to all members on a monthly bases with no hidden profits.
I know it sounds too good to be true and you might be right, but I believe it can happen with the right combo of talented people contributing from the heart and not the ego.
I believe the only way to make something so big like this work is to keep it all real and never stray from the truth never allowing outside forces to bend the rules of the movement that will constantly be guarded against a sway vote.

If this plan was meant to be than it will come together naturally as visions do.
So  then out of my head to your hearts who hear these words and find meaning in them and relate to what I am saying.

Neftali 9/19/2000