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Sir Shadow's "One Line Drawing" technique never lifts the pin before the drawing is complete.

Ted Mac Amateur Hour (1969)
Neftali put his first band together. He named it "The Reeves after superman. They were a 7 piece band 3 horns, bass, guitar, drums, and keyboards. The band was managed by Dolores Santiago, Neftali's mom. They rehearsed at the Santiago's preparing for gigs around town and near by teen clubs. Dolores set up an audition with the TV shoe Ted Mac which for the ones who don't know who Ted Mac was he was the OG Ed Mc Mann of Star Search.

The Reeves (1969)

The Chitin circuit - Neftali backed acts like Barbara Mason, Emotions, Chi-Lights etc.

The Soul Sets - Soul Review featuring a James Brown and Marvin Gaye impersonator.

Santiago (1976)
"Feelin Good" / Land Of The Leaping NoNo (1976) was the first single to come from Santiago, the band. It was released regionally in Philly and Washington, DC. The Santiago band toured with the Ohio players and Gill Scott Heron. Joining Neftali was, Joe Byrne, Rocky duerte, Eddie Duerte.

                                Barbra Marvin The Beast/ Neftali bass/ Damon Van Buren Guitar       ?                  ?

"Neftali's Beast" (1980)

Beast was an extension of the Santiago Band. The band actually broke-up before sighning with Capital. Neftali put family members signatures on the contract. The company loved the song but I had to have a group so I made one up. The song was part of a Record company package that deliberately did nothing to promote new releases and wrote them off as a loss on tax day.

Neftali on drums, keyboards, percussion, bass, animal machine, and vocals, Damon Van Buren guitar,and Erma Kaye - Vocals

The band signed a recording contract with Capital records. The single was "Land Of The Drums". Land of the Drums was a unique blend of natural animal sounds put to rhythm, with a driving dance percussive beat. Neftali was the first to sample sounds before samplers were invented. Luis Marvin, a long time friend of Neftali's taught him how to take a melotron,  replace the string and flute sounds with animal sounds, and play the sounds in rhythm. The single sold allot records in Holland only.  The U.S. wasn't ready for the innovation.

US/ Prana (1971)

The group, formally known as "The Ghetto Fighters" performed background vocals on Jimi Hendrix's lps Cry of Love, Rainbow Bridge, and War Heroes. Neftali performed on their Polydor single, Ostrich and their lp "Prana People." The twins are now known as the  Aleems, TAHARQA and TUNDE  RA  Aleem.

Jimi Hendrix Production (2001)

The Aleems and Funkadrill are joining forces to usher in the new legacy  of Jimi Hendrix through the release of:

Jimi Hendrix presents, "Ghetto Fighters, Time Travelers."

This was the last project Jimi was working on before he died. The Aleems are blessing the world with the release of new tracks produced by Jimi Hendrix, and performed by Jimi Hendrix, the Aleems, Buddy Miles, Billy Cox, Funkadrill, and many others.

Sound Barrier (1980)

Sound Barrier was the first black heavy metal band to be signed to a major label. The label was MCA Records. Neftali produced a four-song demo on the band which landed the deal. The demo was a blend of funk, rock, and new wave but when they got to MCA the music was turned to heavy metal. The band asked Neftali to use a song he wrote titled:

"Total Control" lp

Rock On The Wild Side was used for their first single and video. The album led to a major tour opening for the rock group Van Halen. Spacey T, the original guitar player for the band is now with "Fishbone."

L.S.D. (1994)

The Acid Jazz Label contracted Neftali to perform on their entire artist stable. The company folded before releasing four great CD's, sad but true.

Santa Fe Road (1996)

Marino, (vocalist/artist) put together an all star band for his first solo Lp. Neftali Santiago-drums, angel Figuroa-percussion, PeeWee Hill-bass, Kris Kello keys-vocals, Conley Abrams-keyboards, Val McCallum, guitar, Charles Green-sax, Karen Briggs violin, Donna Simon, Valentino, & Kimberly Abrams-vocals.

To Russia With "Love School" (1992)

Neftali was told by Russian officials he was the first man of color to perform in Red Square. He performed  in front of thousands of Russians people and another million or so watching live Russian Television  It was their Russian independence day called "Victory day." The band was called "Love School", a World Beat Christian rock band. Neftali went on to tour Saint Petersburg, Vladimir, Kostrama, and Suzdail, with the tour ending back in Moscow. The mission was a success bringing 100's of people to the Lord.


Unity  only released on a cassette format come from Full Armour.
Neftali produced, arranged, and wrote many of the songs. Unity, Servant of the Lord, Take Us Home. Jesus Christ Lord Of The Universe was entered into the world hymn book. If you'd like a free copy write: Santiago Productions at: 6846 Reseda Blvd. #163 Reseda, CA. and the company will send you one for the cost of shipping.

Urbana (1992),

Urbana which happens once every three years, for the first time ever, featured a contemporary worship band called "Full Armour", which were comprised of an 11-member team. Twenty-thousand collage students from all over the world gathered together, for five nights, to attend this inspirational Missionary conference.

Juble (1995)

Worship and Praise CD released in Los Angels only. Neftali was blessed to become part of a church in Santa Monica CA called "The Hiding Place".  It was a non denominational church which focus on  modern day worship, Latin, Funk, Rock, Calipso, you name it.  The church released 5 worship CDs.

Debbie Vernon (1996)

Worship and Praise CD released in Los Angels only.

Bridges (1993)

Lexcion recording artists released one lp distributed by Polygram records.

Below is a listing of some of the artists Neftali has been blessed to share the stage  with:

Barbara Mason * Emotions * Mandrill * Funkadelic * Earth Wind & Fire, Buddy Miles Stevie Wonder * Duke Ellington * Deep Purple * Elf, Savoy Brown *Status Quo Canned Heat * Little River Band * Eagles * Jim Croce * La Belle * Isley Brothers War * Barkays * Jackson 5 * James Brown * Rare Earth * Argent * Doctor Hook  Blood Stone * Cameo * Average White Band *  Graham Central Station * Betty Davis Band * Ojays * Dramatics * Isaac Hayes * Bette Midler * Rufus *
Commodores * Andy Coffman * Ohio Players * Kool & the Gang  
Sly & the Family Stone * Seals & Croft * Bobby Wolmack * US, Prana  
Donald Bird & the Blackbirds * Soul Searchers * Eddie Kendrix  
Gill Scott Heron * Brick * Atlantic Star *Diadoto * Ike & Tina Turner
Doctor John * Mike Broomfield *Malo * Red Bone * Millie Jackson
Main Ingredient * New Birth * Ghetto Fighters  
Chambers Brothers  
Michael Henderson * Osebesa *Alman Brothers
Fantasy * Sante Fe' * Alvira * Lazado Galarraga's