Mandrill Land

Mandrill Land (1975) Former Santana guitarist Dougie
Mandrill went to Bogalusa Louisiana at "Studio In The Country" Bill Davis the owner had a studio built on a ranch and Mandrill rented the studio for a month. The band road horses to the studio and had a great time recording with Former Santana guitarist Dougie Rodrigues took Omar Mesa's place. This was a double lp and one of Mandrill's most creative. Songs include, Positive Thing.
Neftali co-wrote with the band - El- Funko, Armadillo, and The Road To Love.
Neftali wrote - Cal-ip-so
This lp mark the departure of Neftali, Fudgie, and newest member Dougie Row because of business politics. Their  involvement on this lp is very down played. Duogie kicked the bands butt with his Rock-Funk style coming up with the Positive Thing opening lines. He also wrote "After The Race" a funk, fusion thang. He wrote the song after entering a motorcycle race in town and placing second. Dougie also toured with the band.