in Memory Of Fudgie Kae Solomon

Respect Goes Out to the memory Of Fudgie Kae Solomon the most under rated bass player of the 1970s time period. I talked to Claude Coffee Cave over the phone while working with Funkadrill on this sight and he said this about Fudgie:
Fudgie joined Mandrill in 1972 after the departure of Bundie C. Charlie Padro knew Fudgie and brought him in to audition. The band fed him a couple of tunes and hired him on the spot". Fudgie performed live  with the band before recording on "Mandrill Is" . His bass playing was phenomenal. His blend with the band was perfect. Listen to his performance on:
Children Of The  Sun
Ape Is High
The Sun Must Go Down
Golden Stone
Hang Loose
After The Race
Mini Suite For Duke
Positive Thing  Jam
Songs Fudgie Composed:
Composite Truth:
    Out With The Boys
Just Outside Of Town:
    She Aint Lookin Too Tough
    Reason I Sing

Funkadrill: "I miss Fudgie and I always will. Fudgie was a melow kind of guy. He love his music and was able to leave us a little of it on Mandrill lps. While we where working on Mandrillland I had the opertunity to watch Fudgie write on piano. "The Reason I Sing " is one of my favorite Mandrill songs. Sometimes I look over my left shoulder and catch a glimpse of him through Lou Castro's playing but no disrespect to Mr. Castro, but no one can fill the Mandrill spot the way Fudgie did.
He was always making me laugh. As a drummer he was my equal, grooving together was a treat that turned into a full meal everytime we locked.
I really don't know Fudgie's People, I know he was in love with a girl from Pasiac New Jersey so if you read this please get in touch with me, I would love to talk with you. I'd really like to give this tribute some justice about his life. I think it would be important to his fans."